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We are wholly committed to 100% recycling and lowering our carbon footprint through our zero to landfill policies
For more information see our Environmental Policies or contact us to see how we can help you recycle more efficiently

Environmental & Waste Management Policies

Ron Hull Scrap Ferrous - Solar Panels

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd operates within all published eco-friendly policies and processes that ensures good outcomes for the planet and good outcomes for our Clients!

We are fully aware of our responsibilities to protect both the environment and all of the people connected to the business and its activities. This is evident in our implementation of environmental and waste management policies and procedures in regard to all our recycling processes, ensuring full compliance with National and European regulations and Directives.

Ron Hull Jnr operates within the scope of our waste management licence and

  • The Packaging Waste Directive - which enables the UK to meet recovery and recycling targets for packaging
  • The Landfill Directive - which is aimed at reducing pollution potential from non-biodegradable landfilled waste that can further impact on surface water, groundwater, soil, air, and also contribute to adverse climate change.  The Directive sets demanding targets to be met to bring about a change in the way waste is disposed of in the UK
  • The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE Directive) - covering the correct recycling/disposal of electronic and electrical equipment.   Ron Hull Jnr separate all Ferrous metal from WEEE waste for processing into Ferrous recyclates
  • The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)  legislation - providing for creation of collection schemes for consumers to return used e-waste free of charge to increase recycling/re-use, and reduce the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd’s continued investment in new, efficient recycling and waste management technologies and processes reinforces our corporate ethos for saving energy and creating a sustainable and renewable environment for the benefit of the planet and environment, whilst ensuring maximum ferrous recyclate recovery and reducing end waste destined for landfill.   

As well as investment in cutting-edge waste management technology and equipment, the Ron Hull Group are highly committed to ensuring that all their staff are fully competent and qualified to WAMITAB Standards (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) Continuing Competency Certification - which must be re-examined every 2 years.

View our WAMITAB Certificates here and read our news article on the latest staff accreditations here


Waste diversion fuel

Our New "Mangham 80: Zero Waste To Landfill" Facility in Rotherham produces quality waste diversion fuel for resale. Known as RDF/SRF, this eco-friendly fuel is produced by shredding and using our state of art waste recycling technology to remove All recycling materials such as metals, glass and plastics. The remaining material is the subject to further recycling techniques and made into RDF fuel. This fuel is then used for thermal treatment as replacement fuel, and also used as a blending agent with other combustion fuels, of which cement kilns are the main user.

Ron Hull (and Ron Hull Jnr's) Waste Hierarchy Regulations 2011

The waste hierarchy regulations 2011 came into affect from the 28th September 2011. The revised framework directive gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place. When a waste is created it gives priority to preparing the waste for re-use, but if the waste cannot be re-used then it must be recycled. If the waste cannot be recycled, then does it have a recovery - for example energy recovery, and finally the last route to go down is disposal of the waste.

Preventing Waste In The First Place

There is usually little that factories, warehouses, contractors and the majority of waste producers can do to directly eliminate their waste streams as it is a function of their process. Ron Hull Jnr's Waste Management Team excel in this field, and are waiting to offer you our support and expertise to review your working practices and offer viable solutions to minimise your wastes, thus reducing waste costs and material purchases.

Re-use Of Waste

This is when products or components that are not waste are used again for the same purpose. Ron Hull Jnr Ltd has a specialised team where operatives clean and recycle a variety of waste components. Anything that is uncertain will be put through to the next phase of the waste management hierarchy (Recycling) as our employees' safety, and indeed that of the general public, is of paramount importance to us.

Recycling Waste

This is where recovered waste materials are re-processed into usable products, materials or substances. Recycling is Ron Hull Jnr Ltd's speciality. With our continued heavy investment in the latest waste management technology, machinery, and sorting systems, combined with highly experienced Waste Management Consultants, we have the potential to recycle everything.

Recovery Of Waste

This is when a waste is serving a useful purpose such as energy. Ron Hull is wholly committed and heavily invested in the latest RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) technology to offer a "zero to landfill" waste management route - where ALL waste is disposed and diverted from costly, eco-unfriendly landfill! All useful or valuable recyclates will have been removed in the previous stage of the waste hierarchy.

Disposal Of Waste

With Ron Hull Jnr Ltd's passion and investment in achieving zero to landfill waste, we find that all our waste has always gone out of the hierarchy "loop" at the recovery stage.

For more information on our Environmental Policies and Waste Hierarcy Processes please contact us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd are wholly committed to maintaining environmentally-friendly processes and lowering our carbon footprint. Our new state-of-the-art Zero Waste To Landfill facility on Mangham Road in Rotherham bears testament to the fact that we are continuously working to manage any impacts from our recycling processes safely and responsibly for the benefit of our business neighbours, suppliers, customers, staff and of course the environment.

As such, we take our Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously and take an active role in fostering local and regional community relationships - putting things back into the community - through a range of different ways.

See our Licences & Accreditations and Latest News articles for more information.

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